Saturday, April 5, 2008

A weekend away!

Little N, Caristy and John went to Bismark for the Annual Western District Meeting. Little N and Caristy just kind of enjoyed hanging out while John got to go and listen to what's going on. We also got to relax by the pool and see old friends. Next year Little N will get to do what Little C was doing!! Someday Little N someday!! We just enjoyed our time playing in the hot tub and catching up. Our hotel room was huge!! It felt like a mini suite! It was so nice because Little N had a big place to play on the floor!! We also got to go to Cracker Barrel!! YUMMY!! Caristy enjoyed her Chicken and dumplings!!


  1. What a fun get away! N is getting so big!

  2. Glad to hear you had a fun weekend! N is just darling - we love his smile!

  3. N has the most beautiful eyes! The waterslide looks like a great time! Isn't it nice to get away for a weekend?

  4. Hey, glad i could make another funny faced showing on your blog. It was good to see you guys that weekend, but it was way to short!



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