Sunday, April 13, 2008

Erickson Baby Shower

Baby showers are so much fun! :-) I love it especially when you have the baby shower after the baby is born and you can meet the babies who will be wearing the clothes you gave or the toys that you fun! You also get to see their personality! Well we had a baby shower for Alisha and Shannon. For baby boy C and baby girl B! I didn't get a picture of Baby C and Shannon together but I put them as close as I could in picture order. We had a good time at the shower....we played guess the baby food (unfortunately Rachel was kind enough that we didn't have to try the baby food to figure out what it was....what fun is that?, we also had baby bingo, and something similar to memory.) As we were openning up presents (okay I didn't open the Shannon and Alisha were opening presents) Rachel held Little N and he would go absolutely NUTs....get really hyper and silly and want to hit and give hugs and give his first kiss (hey wait a minute the first kiss is reserved for the mommy!!) to his cousin R. It was SO funny to watch! Rachel and I were just laughing and laughing! (We also captured Little N's first kiss too!! :-) )

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