Friday, February 29, 2008

Bowling and Playing with Kim!

So we were kicked out of Jim and Linda's for a while so we decided that we would go bowling. Everyone had a great game the first game (except for Caristy) and then the second game, I (caristy) did much better! Not a good bowler! Then we went back to John's parent's house and had dinner. Kim got to hold Little N and entertained him with a placemat.....anything is a toy or interesting to a little kid!! :-)

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  1. Did I somehow miss that you're a lefty? That is a shot of YOU bowling left-handed, is it not?? What are your plans for Easter? I'm assuming there's a thing at Grandpa's, but haven't heard anything yet - it's coming up quick, just a few weeks! Will you be able to come for lunch if that's what's going on?


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