Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Bath Time and Afterwards!

Nikolas doesn't really appreciate having his diaper changed, having his clothes changed or taking a bath. But as soon as he is dressed he is ever so peaceful!


  1. I can't quite figure out why I can't click on your pictures and make them bigger like you can with everyone else's blog pictures, but anyway. Boy, he sure doesn't like that bath - I think he is going to be a grounded boy (not like Daniel and Reagan - loving the swinging and being upside down). Man, oh man, I wish I could click on it to enlarge it, not to mention turn it sideways, but boy does Nikolas ever look like John in that last picture!!!!!! See what Mom thinks.

  2. He's gotten alot better at bath time!! He really likes to bounce and to I'm not sure about the being on the ground thing yet because being bounced or swung calms him.

  3. He looks so unhappy. Cute, but unhappy. :o( But before you know it, he will love his bath!


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