Monday, May 1, 2017

May Memory Verse for 2017!

May is my birthday month!  So I tried to find a verse that would speak to my heart and help me remind myself to look towards God for everything that I need.  If I am worried if I am angry, this bible verse helps me to remember to be gentle in my interactions with people and especially my kids.  Family is one of those areas that sometimes you aren't as kind or gentle as you would be to strangers.  So this verse is a reminder to our family as a whole to be gentle and to take all our situations to God in prayer and also with thanksgiving.  I think the thanksgiving part is the hardest because right now in our family we have some situations that are growing us but they are not situations that I would want to say that I'm thankful for the experiences.  I am praying that this verse will be used gently and lovingly this month and that God would continue to all me to grow in all areas that he wants me to grow, even when some of those times can be difficult times. 

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