Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a busy day for us!  Little H had a Christmas event at her school from 9-12 pm.  They had all sorts of different activities that could join and do.  They all sang songs, they made a gingerbread house, they made cards, played games and then afterwards we watched some of the teachers act out a great play. (Which was very confusing for non Chinese speakers) but the kids really enjoyed watching it. 
 After the program we did a few errands and then went home to play for a little while.  John left early and I was super frustrated because I discovered that my camera battery was dying and I really wanted to take pictures of the kids and of VEF Christmas Eve service.   So John told me to go to church early and then go to Nova to pick up a charge.  Got my camera charged enough to take pictures.  The Christmas Eve service was absolutely beautiful.  This year VEF had a Christmas Choir -- they sang at a variety of events and they sang the songs at the Christmas Eve service.  It was beautiful.  We also had a men's group who also sang Christmas songs.  Plus a variety of people who read different scripture verses preparing our hearts for Jesus birth. It was a beautiful time to get your hearts ready for baby Jesus arrival. The kids were excited because they could sit by themselves during the Christmas Eve service (minus when we lighted our candles then I sat behind them and touched them to remind them that they had to be careful with fire.) This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions preparing our hearts for Jesus birth.

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