Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Memory Verse - James 1:5

This month is a special month, my middle son turns 7 years old this month.  Every year I chose a memory verse for them. We trace their hands and I write it on their cut out handprints.  Then I try to make something to put online so that when I see it.  I use it as a reminder to pray for my kids, say the bible verse and tell my kids their bible verse.  I also write it on our blackboard that I have in our dining room for that month.  

This year I chose James 1:5 for my sweet Little M.  He is and was doing a lot of new things and he would get frustrated easily.  So my prayer for him is that he would have wisdom.  Wisdom with learning Chinese, wisdom with learning English.  Also wisdom in learning how to deal with people and situations that aren't always easy.   My prayer is that he would grow in knowledge and desire to serve the Lord in all that he does.  

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