Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Memory Verse - Song of Songs 2:4

This month is a beautiful month.  This is the month where the kids are done with school and we can enjoy our time as a family without having to worry about rushing to get them to school or rushing to pick them up.  We can play games, we can go on adventures, we can swim at the pool.  We have the freedom to do what we choose to do.  This month is also a special month because John was born.  I have been blessed to have John in my life for a long time....we are almost at 20 years of knowing each other or of knowing a little bit about each other.  God has truly blessed me!  So today I give you our bible verse for the month.  It's not quite as pretty of a picture but I keep thinking of the song that I learned in Sunday school-- be brought me to his banqueting table his banner over me is love. (If you know it you are now singing it in your head!)

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