Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby G's Shower

We had a baby shower for Kim & Baby G.  Krista did a great job hosting the shower and coming up with some great games (WHICH sadly I did not win! By the way.....the one picture with a diaper is NOT a messy diaper.....can anyone take a gander at what type of chocolate that is?)  Baby G was definitely showered with love from family & friends.  Baby G and Little M will be great friends....mostly because Baby G is younger and Little M can control him (a little bit - but 4 1/2 months between them is not he won't be able to control for long!). After the shower we went over to Kim and Ole's for pizza.....I am pretty sure that their house has not seen that many people in their house all together! Little N was given a yummy fruit treat from Ole & Little N devoured it and had jelly all over his face....we were all giggling!  It was a good time visiting and talking! 

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