Monday, March 2, 2009


I had fallen off the blogging wagon!! It was a really hard thing to do to but in the beginning of February we got back from CT, then went to Minot, then got busy, then I was asked to work on an idea for a birthday present (a little sneak peak of that further down on this post!), then I got consumed by that! :-)

Little N had his 18th month visit last month. Shockingly enough he gained 21 pound and 14 ounces (he can finally be forward facing, woo hoo) (he jumped from not being on the percentile charts to being in the 5th percentile) and then he was 31 1/2 inches tall (he jumped to the 25% percentile after not being on the charts!!) So exciting!! Little N now has 5 teeth (but he's working on a bunch of teeth.....ouch and so for a while he wasn't sleeping good at night!) He likes to dance (we have to get that on video....really bad), and he likes to try to hula hoop and run like daddy does (from Wii Fit.....those are hilarious too). He likes to babble and is trying to say more and more. (I might have to put the words he says on the side of the blog because then I'll remember what he started saying! He says uh oh, all done, all gone, hi, bye-bye, see (that he just said today to John) He's a great little guy and we love him so much!!

I am done with a birthday present and am now probably back to taking pictures and playing with pictures. I think my next goal is to try to figure out RAW on my camera! :-)

Here is a glimpse of what will go into the birthday present! :-) These are some of my favorite pictures!! (In one of the pictures I love that I kind of look like my mom when she was growing up and I was growing up!)
P.S. Who is Grandpa holding in his arms?


  1. #1 What is my dad doing on the last pic??
    #2 I think grandpa is holding Orlin!
    Am I right??! Now you have to tell us!!
    Once again, the book looks great!
    Love ya, ~A

  2. I have no idea who the picture with Grandpa is!! :-) I think it's absolutely adorable though!!

    Your dad is being your dad! I told them to pose and then your dad said that he was afraid of his sisters of what they might then my mom stuck out her tongue and then Jewel busted out laughing!!

  3. Grampa and Matthew when he was little!!


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