Monday, December 1, 2008


While we were visiting Chris we ate lots of Japanese style foods. You see he also taught English in Japan with his synod. So he was very excited to make and eat lots of Japanese food. Here was one of the dishes that we made. It's basically a Japanese pancake (but not a sweet pancake more like a savory pancake!) Little N and Caristy have decided that our bodies don't handle the Japanese pancake all to well as on our way home Little N got sick (but only once) and Caristy wasn't feeling to well either! We also discovered that we can do a 4 hour stretch of driving if we wake up at 4 am and start to drive. Little N slept almost all 4 hours and so did Caristy (well some of that time). We left at 4 am from KS and got to Fargo, ND at 1:30 pm. Not to bad!!

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