Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ekelund Party & Annual Convention

We had to go down to Fergus Fall for Annual Convention. Before it started Rebekah decided it would be fun to have all the people who have gone to seminary in the last 5 years (and any one else) to have a picnic together and catch up. What a great idea!! When we got there wow was it's amazing how much time and space can disappear when you get together. I'm so thankful that after John and I got married we went to seminary because we met so many wonderful people that when we see them it just makes it fun, to laugh, cry and just be there for one another. I know that there are several other blogs that have similar pictures of the picnic but I decided to put up a couple of mine. If you want to see Little N you'll have to check out Adam and Rebekah's and I'm not quite sure who else. After the picnic we went to the opening of the Annual Convention. You know you are a pastor's wife and son when you get excited for your husband to sit next to you or take Little N out so that you can enjoy the service. John had fun because he finally got to see how Little N was in church. Little N will "sing" when everyone else sings.

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