Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nikolas' Photoshoot!!

Caristy has been looking at all sorts of photobooks to get ideas for things to shoot on Nikolas. She got some great ideas so she decided to experiment. She also has the trial version of PhotoShop 6.0....which she absolutely loves because she can do so much more with the photos and it's ten times easier!! :-) Hope you enjoy!
Daddy & Me
Look how small my hands & feet are!

Who's foot is bigger? Mine or Daddy's?


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  2. Those are really nice pictures. I love the one with him holding your wedding rings.

    I may have to look into the new PhotoShop.

  3. How fun - I'd love to learn some picture taking tips. If you pick up any real winners, pass them on to me! I miss the days of only 1 kid when I had time to read... :)

  4. I especially love the close-ups. Great job! Those sure are frame-worthy! :)

  5. Great photos! You did such a professional job; I love the ones of the feet and hands! Aren't babies just such a work of art?

  6. The rings one is awesome! Nice job photographer!


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