Monday, November 26, 2007

We made it to Fargo!

We left Kim & Ole's started our way home on Monday. We stopped in the cities so that I could get a couple of things! Gotta love sleep sacks for babies! :-) Also wanted to get a babies r us fix! :-) We started our way up to Fergus because we wanted to visit some people....made it to one house and we got a call saying that there was a storm and that we should get up to Fargo because it was bad. So we left without being able to visit really anyone! :-( Made it past Barnesville no problems and had no we were getting closer to Fargo it was as if a curtain fell....the wind picked up, snow was blowing and it was slippery. The temperature dropped from 36 degrees to 10 degrees as we were driving....crazy huh? Made it to John's folks house and slept over night! We had fun taking pictures of Nikolas and his grandparents! :-)


  1. That good old winter weather! I do miss it--but not the cold! What a fun adventure for you, and so much fun to see the end results of getting time with Jim and Linda! I love the pics of Nicolas and his grandmother laughing in the mirror! So cute!

  2. How fun to be snowed in with family! Looks like everyone loved it!

  3. I love the pictures with Grandma in the mirror! They are having so much fun!

  4. I love the mirror pics too! So funny.


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