Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun Pictures with Nikolas!

Nikolas was in a fun and smiley mood so I decided that I would do a photo shoot! He had fun wrapped up in a blanket. He loves bath time so I had a get picture of him all smiley and happy since the last bath picture was of him screaming and being all upset! :-) Afterwards he got all cuddly and happy with his teddy bear! The last 2 pictures were NOT POSED at all....he fell on the bear after he fell was really really cute!


  1. Those bear pictures are adorable and you could NEVER plan that and have it work out.

  2. Looks like you don't have to pay for professional shots this time. These are so adorable and look like they are professional! Way to go!

  3. Great pics! The bear photos are so sweet--I can't believe how much N has grown!

  4. Those really are great pictures. I especially love the second from the end. Frame-worthy!


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