Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Family Memory Verse for 2020

This year is such a unique year.  I have a word for 2020 which is patient or patience.  Most of our scripture verses will have to do with either of those words.  I will talk more and more about why this scripture verse is so meaningful for us this year.  

Monday, April 1, 2019

April 2019 - Baby S' Memory Verse

In April we will celebrate Baby S, 2nd birthday!  I can't believe that it's been two years since he was born and how much he went through that first year of life.   I am so thankful for this little guy in our life.  He helps out so much in our family.  In some ways, he's a cuddle therapy for the older kids and will play and make everyone smile and be happy.  I am so thankful for this sweet guy. 

This is baby S memory verse!  I think I will have to do an update on him, but after the year that we had with him his first year of life, I constantly have to just shout this scripture!! But this is a prayer of thanksgiving that I constantly pray over baby S & all my kids.

Friday, February 1, 2019

February Memory Verse 2018

February's Memory Verse.....I wanted reminders that to praise God.  Also because this month is the anniversary of our moving and starting our ministry over in Taiwan.   We have now lived in Taiwan for 8 years.  Like the verse says....I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am so thankful and grateful for the power and the grace that God has given to our family to live overseas in a country that doesn't speak English and I have not learned the language.  I am thankful to the many wonderful and amazing people who have taken the time to love my family and have helped us along the way as we have lived in Taiwan.  I am also thankful that God has blessed our family is so many wonderful ways.  

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

January Memory Verse 2019

This past year was a hard year but a good year.  At the beginning of the year, we were privileged to be able to go back to the US.  So we were able to spend two months with John's family and two months with my family.  We got to build snow forts, go sledding, go skating, skiing, doing lots of traveling and also the kids to experience the holidays with family.  It was a busy time but a joy-filled time.   Once we came back to Taiwan we were busy but we were enjoying our time in Taiwan.  Towards the end of the year, we found out that my best friend and someone that I felt that God brought into my life as a steady influence and a wonderful friend was moving back to her home country.    It made it a very busy time for making sure to spend lots of time together with my best friend and preparing for the heartbreak of leaving and saying goodbye.  

I have never done a word for a year.  But as I was trying to decide on scripture verses for our 2019 a common theme seemed to occur.   The word Faith or Faithful came up more often than not.  So this year my word is Faithful.  I pray to God that he would use my life and enter my life to cause me to remain faithful. 

I have had a couple of friends who have approached me to remind me that I needed to keep my heart tender and open to new friendships and relationships.   One of the hardest things about living overseas and working at Victory English Fellowship is that we have a lot of people who are very transitional in nature.  So I am saying goodbyes to sweet people all the time who are moving back to their home countries or are traveling around the world.   Which means that I am constantly saying goodbyes and giving a little piece of my heart all the time.  So it would be very easy and I have at times said in my heart that I am not willing to be friends unless I have long term friends.  Living here in Taiwan for 8 years has been a long time and so I have said goodbyes to at least 100's of people.  It's a blessing because God has introduced me to so many different people and cultures.    So my prayer is that I still remain moldable and tender so that I can still meet people even knowing that my heart will most likely get broken time and time again.  So because of this I pray that I would remain faithful to the call that God has given to me.

This month of January is my sweet Little H's birthday.  She is going to be 7 years old and I can't believe that she will be 7.  It seems like just yesterday that she was born and I had a little buddy whom I did everything with.  Now she is in first grade and trying her best to navigate Chinese school and me homeschooling her.  She is great at playing together and making friends.  She loves to color and draw.  She also loves imaginative play. My prayer is that her faith would continue to grow and blossom.   

Monday, October 1, 2018

October Memory Verse 2018

I think this scripture verse is one of the hardest verses to follow through with because my words and thoughts are one of the hardest things to control.  So this verse is constantly on my heart so that way my words and actions and what is in my heart would be pleasing to the Lord.   Also that my words, actions would demonstrate Christ love to everyone that I encounter.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September Memory Verse 2018

My sweet Little M's birthday is this month and this is his bible verse.  He decided on the wonderful scenery that you see in this scripture verse.  I am super excited for his scripture verse. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

August Memory Verse 2018

This is Little N's scripture verse for 2018.   I want Little N to remember to focus on the positive and beautiful things in life.  I think that can be an ongoing struggle and so I gave both Little N and myself this scripture verse to help us to remember to focus on the positive and lovely things. 

Sunday, July 1, 2018

July Memory Verse 2018

Happy Birthday Month to my darling John!  This is my daily scripture verse for John in 2018.  I pray that he would daily remember to follow this scripture verse while he is raising our kids.  This is a never-ending process of refining for both parents and children.  It's very humbling to realize how much scripture talks about raising children.  It's also very humbling to realize that the people in scripture that people elevate and are excited about are flawed and weren't perfect in their parenting.  Which is such a comfort because you realize that you can mess up and ask for forgiveness and daily work to be the best parent and child you can be.  I also realized that I wish I had understood what these verses meant growing up and that I had obeyed my parents more often than I did.  I am SO thankful for GRACE that God gives us. 

Happy Birthday John!  I love you! 

Friday, June 1, 2018

June Memory Verse 2018

I think this verse completely humbles me.  It's completely opposite of my thinking and causes me to pause and realize that I daily need to be a servant.  I keep wanting to elevate myself to be the princess or queen of the family but I daily need to stop what I'm doing and remind myself that I bring honor by being a servant and serving my family and friends. 

Welcome to our blog! We try to keep this current for family and friends. We moved to Taiwan in February 2011 and are trying to keep in contact with loved ones through this blog. We love comments and will respond back if you have questions or comments!! Thanks for checking us out!!


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